Art Carving corbels

Item No.: RNC062
•Material:Ultralight Foamed Ceramic
•High waterproof,ultralight ,High strength
•Spec​​​​​​​:7"H x 3 5/8"W x 2 1/8"D
•Spec:17.8cm H x 9cm W x 5.5cm D
This Art Carving corbels  for Home decorative is impervious to adverse climate and weather conditions, and, because of its dimensional stability, will not alter over time. CNC carved that yield ornate and sharply defined details, perfect dimensions, and extremely consistent quality, Foamed ceramic corbel is lightweight, impact resistant and easy to install .
There are many great reasons for installing Art Carving corbels  in your home. Some of the Art Carving corbels  for Home decorative are traditional in style, some of the Corbels are more suited for contemporary or modern homes. Art Carving corbels  for Home decorativecan be used for displaying small decorative objects. If placed on a top of the  Corbels in Architecture, small objects will obtaining a more important, valuable look. Decorative Art Carving corbels  with good depth will add extra support and dress up any shelf or ledge. Sometimes decorative Art Carving corbels are used for exterior decoration, including porches, cornices, part of gable end decorations or could be added to a doorway. Some of our decorative corbels have a very elaborate designs.
Our Art Carving corbels  for Home decorative don't chip, splinter, rot, or get any unwanted critters in them. Unlike the plaster ceiling corbels or stone corbels, foamed ceramic corbels are lightweight durable, easier to install, maintenance free, not as fragile. These corbels are pre-primed. Our corbels designed for interior and exterior use.

•Product type: Art Carving corbels 
•Material:NEW Ultralight foamed ceramic (fired under 1300 centigrade degree in the kiln)
•Molding Use:Exterior & Interior decorative
•Spec:7"H x 3 5/8"W x 2 1/8"D 
•Spec:17.8cm H x 9cm W x 5.5cm D


•Modeled after original historical patterns and designs
•Solid urethane for maximum durability and detail
•Lightweight for quick and easy installation
•Green Eco-friendly
•ready for paint or faux finish
•Can be cut, drilled, glued or screwed
•Can be used on the interior or exterior
 •Won't warp, split or splinter.
•easy to install by hooks or with glue or nails
•This Art Carving corbels  utilizes ultralight NEW foamed ceramic high waterproof,High strength
•Installation :Installation instructions ,ceramic glue or installation screws hardware
•This foamed ceramic corbel provide ODM service

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Art Carving corbels 

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